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    12 February 2016
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    29 February 2016
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    11 March 2016
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    13 March 2016


Public lecture

19:00, Wednesday 23 March 2016
Chichester 1 Lecture Theatre, University of Sussex

Into the unknown - what might we find at the LHC in 2016?

Dr Harry Cliff, Cavendish Laboratory (HEP) - University of Cambridge, UK

Last summer the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and most powerful scientific device, began the second phase of its hunt for answers to some of the deepest questions in modern science: what is dark matter? why is there matter in the universe? why is gravity so weak compared to the other forces of nature? why does the universe appear fine-tuned for life? In a few weeks' time the LHC will begin smashing subatomic particles into each other with almost twice the energy used to discover the Higgs boson in 2012. In this talk, particle physicist Dr Harry Cliff from the University of Cambridge will look forward to what promises to be an exciting year in particle physics, as the LHC takes us into an unknown world.

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